Human bones found in Brisbane park “155 years old”

POLICE have confirmed a set of human bones found in a Brisbane park belong to a person who died in the 1800s.

The bones were found at a park in the inner city suburb of Teneriffe back on Tuesday 7 July.

In a statement released to media this afternoon, police said radio carbon dating had been completed on a human jaw bone.


Police said the testing had concluded that the jaw bone was around 155 years old.

“It has been concluded that the individual it belonged to died prior to 1950,” police said in Thursday’s statement.

“Further, it is thought that the bones are around 155 years old, with a statistical variance of around 21 years.”

Investigators said the results indicated that the person most likely died sometime between 1800 and 1899.

Of course, how the person died remains a mystery.

A report will now be forwarded to the Coroner.