Human Nature heading back to Las Vegas as a three-man band

Much-loved Aussie vocal group Human Nature has revealed they will be travelling back to Las Vegas with one less band member.

After more than 30 years together as a group of four, Phil Burton has made the tough decision to remain in Australia as the rest of the group heads back to Vegas for their upcoming residency.

However, fans of the band will be pleased to know Burton still very much remains apart of the group, which also includes Toby Allen and brothers Michael and Andrew Tierney.


“When there are opportunities to play, they’ll fly here and I’ll jump back on board, and it will be the four of us as always,” Burton told Stellar Magazine.

“Covid put things in stark reality… where do you want to be? Where do you feel at home? And Australia is where we felt the most safe as a family,” he continued.

Human Nature also reassured fans in a statement on social media this morning, with many fearing Burton had left the group completely.

“Today’s story is all true except the headlines are misleading. Phil has not left the group permanently,” they wrote.

“To put it simply for everyone Phil remains in Human Nature nothing has changed except for his postcode and mobile number.

“There are always new plans for Human Nature, as of now all four members are touring Australia wide and promoting a brand new EP Good Good Life that features our new single ‘Broken Humans.’

“Rest assured everybody — we are rock steady.”

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