Human trials for potential cancer cure found in Australian rainforest

A CANCER-fighting fruit found growing in Queensland is being trialled on humans after it proved to kill cancer cells in aminals.

EBC-46 is a small molecule which works with the body to destroy cancer and is found only in the berries of the blushwood rainforest tree which grows exclusively on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

Dr Andrew Rochford from 7 News said the innovative treatment worked by injecting the molecule directly into a solid tumour.


“When injected, EBC-46 triggers an immune response, activating white blood cells to attack the tumour and shrinking it to nothing,” Dr Rochford said.

“So far, the treatment targets solid tumours, such as melanomas and cancers of the head, neck and breast cancer.”

Dr Victoria Gordon, CEO of Q-Biotics, said full tumour destruction is seen within five to seven days, and so far, there have been “no significant side effects”.

EBC-46 has been trialled with animals, with astonishing results. Dr Gordon injected the drug into an oral melanoma in her 18-year-old pet dog. “It just seemed to liquefy (the tumour),” she said.

World-first human trials are now underway, with 14 patients treated so far.

Melanoma sufferer Denise Powell is just one of the patients in the trial who has seen amazing results.

The effects of the treatment were seen within a matter of minutes after EBC-46 was injected directly into a tumour on her arm.

“In less than 20 minutes, the tumor had gone purple, then black, then within a couple of days the tumour just kind of shrivelled up and died,” she told 7 News.

Dr Gordon said there was still “a long, hard road ahead” before a pharmaceutical can be developed from the drug.

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