Humble Strawberry Farm to house space academy

The iconic Strawberry Farm is a step closer to housing a space-themed education precinct.

The Pimpama property was purchased by Gilmour Space Technologies and Gilmour Space Corporation in January last year.

Director James Gilmour said City of Gold Coast had given the go ahead for a Space Flight Academy to be built there.


He explained that they did get approval for a 2 thousand square metre facility, subject to some conditions that they are keen to work through with City of Gold Coast.

Mr Gilmour is confident they have a “good case to see them amended to ensure that we can open up as soon as we can”.

He also said it will essentially be a “space camp, so eventually getting up to a national training” or “commercial purposes and anyone that’s age 8 to 88 will be able to come down and try it out and have a hands on practical approach to a training scenario”.

McDonnell Couglas FA 18 Super Hornet GS Tech - Image Supplied

McDonnell Couglas FA 18 Super Hornet GS Tech – Image Supplied

Mr Gilmour explained just why he thought the Pimpama Strawberry Farm would be an ideal place to house a Space Flight Academy “we’re looking to utilise I guess that goodwill that customers have come to know and love about the Strawberry Farm and take it to a new level and with the new Space Flight Academy, look to increase the awareness, the science, the technology, engineering and maths particularly in the Gold Coast and Brisbane area”.

Rigel Spacecraft GS Tech - Image Supplied

Rigel Spacecraft GS Tech – Image Supplied

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