Hundreds of elderly Gold Coasters still waiting on home care

The federal opposition is calling on the government to prioritise home care services in the aged care sector, as it considers more than 100 recommendations from the Aged Care Royal Commission.

The final report is set to be tabled in Parliament today, meaning it will finally be made public. But it’s expected to paint a pretty bleak picture of the industry around the country.

It comes amid concerning statistics on the Gold Coast, which show that hundreds of people are still waiting for home care support from the federal government.


The latest figures from the Department of Health show 1,346 people on the Gold Coast have been approved for Home Care, but haven’t received the help they need.

That’s part of around 100,000 people still waiting for care around the county.

Labor Senator Murry Watt says the issue was listed as a recommendation of the Royal Commission’s interim report, but the federal government is still yet to address it.

“The government has been warned that it needed to put more money into home-based aged care for a long time.

“The Aged Care Royal Commission headed down its interim report in October 2019 nearly 18 months ago, and one of its key recommendations was to increase the funding to get home-based aged care services to where they need to be.

“It’s really unfortunate that the government just hasn’t delivered on that recommendation and people have to keep waiting.

“The problem is, that if people don’t get their home-based aged care service, their condition deteriorates and they end up in more expensive aged care facilities.

“It’s obviously bad for the individuals concerned, but it’s bad for the public as well because we end up having to pay even more to provide people with aged care facilities when the problem could be fixed at home,” Senator Watt said.

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