Hundreds of extra traffic police arrive on the Gold Coast for the Games

DEDICATED Games Lanes are now in operation across the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games and police say local drivers appear to be adapting well to the changes.

Games Lanes came into effect across the city on Friday for the exclusive use of accredited Games vehicles, including TransLink branded buses and emergency vehicles.

Drivers using the lanes without proper authorisation can incur a fine of $252.


Commonwealth Games Operational Commander Assistant Commissioner Peter Crawford said motorists appear to have gotten the message, with no fines issued as of Sunday morning.

Since the lanes began operating, police have directed 55 motorists to move out of the lanes but are yet to issue an official infringement for the offence.

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Assistant Commissioner Crawford said he was happy to see motorists working with police and adapting well to the changed traffic conditions.

“The vast majority of drivers are obeying the changed traffic conditions and are allowing the road networks to keep moving, keeping congestion to a minimum,” he said.

“Our Road Policing Command officers and our partner agencies are working very hard to ensure everyone gets to where they need to go on time and it is pleasing to see the public working with us.”

More than 300 traffic police have been deployed across the Gold Coast as part of Operation Sentinel.

The Commonwealth Games start on Wednesday, with Games Lanes in operation until April 15.

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