New Emoji's 2019

Hundreds of new emojis hitting our keyboards this year

Hundreds of new emojis will be gracing social media platforms this year, and here’s a brief look at all of them!

Say hello to yawning face, pinching hand, skunk, sloth and otter, you’ll soon find them all in your Emoji keyboard.

The release is the sixth major update since 2014, with the emojis rolling out under our fingers from March.


It’s not all funny animals, food and beverages – emojis are making big strides this year with gender inclusiveness.

You’ll now be able to select women holding hands and men holding hands, all with mixed skin tones.

Plus there’s a range of accessibility emojis like wheelchairs, probing canes, hearing aids, service dogs and mechanical limbs.

There are still a few peculiar additions in the mix as well… we can’t say our lives were desperately needing an emoji of a wooden chair…

But it’s exciting all the same! Check out the video below for all the 2019 emojis!