Hundreds of Queenslanders break weird road rules

It’s been revealed Queenslanders break some pretty obscure road rules.

Driving over traffic islands, having a body part out the window, and reversing further than necessary are just some of the weird ones we’ve been caught out on.

According to data from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, more than 300 Queenslanders were fined for having an arm out the window last year.


RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said some drivers may not realise just how risky these behaviours are.

“These may be lesser known road rules, but it’s dangerous to drive over a traffic island – not only could it damage your car, you could also end up in the path of oncoming traffic.

“It should be about self-preservation here too. Having limbs hanging outside of a car window is dangerous and you’re breaking the law.

“If you’re caught, you might lose some money in a fine, but losing your arm in a crash would be worse.

“When it comes to reversing further than required, this is a no-brainer.

“Reversing your car is necessary in some instances, but you have less view of the road so it’s best to limit it and just know you could be fined for overdoing it,” Ms Hunter said.

At least 30 drivers copped fines for their car leaking grease or oil as well.

Obscure broken road rules in Queensland – January to December 2018:

  • Driver or passenger with body part out the car window – 327
  • Driving over a traffic island – 147
  • Fail to prevent oil or grease dropping on roadway – 35
  • Pedestrians who washed or cleaned vehicle windscreens on road – 29
  • Reverse over greater distance than necessary – 21.