Hundreds of sharks killed off QLD coast through control program

ALEX HEINKE reports.

More than 600 sharks have been killed off Queensland’s coast in the past 12 months as part of the state’s shark control program.

Fisheries Minister Bill Byrne said he had no intention of changing the program despite calls for nets to be removed to protect whales and other sea creatures.


Recently, several shark attacks on the NSW and QLD border, have reignited debate.

Shark nets or drum lines will remain off 82 beaches from Cairns in far north Queensland to the Gold Coast.

In the last year, 621 sharks had been caught, including eight great white sharks, 251 tiger sharks, 111 bull sharks and 173 other whaler sharks.

Mr Byrne said the program, which has been running for 53 years, had the support of local governments, Queensland Surf Life Saving Association, businesses and tourist groups.