Hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders remain unprotected from Covid-19

It’s been revealed that almost one million Queenslanders will be at heightened risk of contracting Covid-19 when the borders open in seven weeks.

New data published by Newscorp shows that 911,000 people aged over 16 years old are yet to receive their first dose of the vaccine.

That’s despite a monumental push by politicians over this last weekend, to ensure as many first doses as possible were handed out.


It’s all to make sure that Queenslanders have enough time to get both doses of the vaccine (3-4 weeks), and then allow two weeks for the vaccines to have the best effect.

With the border opening just seven weeks away, there’s next to no wiggle room left for people who remain unvaccinated.

The latest data has also found that out of 40 local government areas, only 11 are on track to meet the 80 per cent double dose target by December 17.

Authorities have consistently said that borders will still open on December 17, regardless of whether the target is hit.