Hunt for US shooter comes to an end

THERE are reports a near 24-hour search for the man wanted over the shooting deaths of six people in the US city of Philadelphia has come to an end.

The body of Bradley William Stone, accused of killing his ex-wife and various members of her family, has reportedly being discovered in the woods near Pennsburg.

The drama started yesterday, when the Iraq war veteran allegedly carried out the killing spree in three separate communities.


Stone was accused of shooting dead ex-wife Nicole Hill, 33, her grandmother, sister, sister’s husband and 14-year-old daughter, as well as wounding Hill’s 17-year-old nephew.

Hill was shot dead in her apartment in Lower Salford in the middle of the night in front of her two young daughters. The couple was apparently locked in a custody battle.

Schools were closed in the area where the manhunt was taking place and residents were advised to stay at home with their doors locked.

Stone served more than eight years in the US Marine Corps.