Hyundai recalls ix35 over airbag fault

AUSTRALIA’S most popular small SUV has been recalled over an airbag fault.

Hyundai is recalling all ix35 models built between January 2011 to December 2013 because of a fault with the fitment of the car’s steering wheel-mounted airbag.

According to, the airbag module bolt could be incorrectly tensioned, which “could affect the function of the horn and the correct deployment of the airbag”.


A statement from Hyundai said: “It will not cause the airbag to deploy unintentionally, (But) the effectiveness of the airbag could be reduced if the bolt is not tightened properly.”

There have been no reported incidents in Australia as yeat, but Hyundai said customers may notice a rattle in the steering wheel.

Affected customers will be notified by mail in the coming days to have their cars checked free of charge and the bolts tightened if necessary.