‘I constantly grieve for her’: alleged killer pens declaration of innocence

ACCUSED balcony killer Gable Tostee has confessed he is living a ‘nightmarish reality’ as he again takes to social media, this time to profess his innocence.

The 29-year-old has taken a swipe at police prosecutors as well as the media for what he calls a ‘disturbing and wrong’ representation of what happened the night his Tinder date fell to her death from his Surfers Paradise balcony.

In an epic Facebook post, Tostee accuses victim Warriena Wright of attacking him and then causing her own death in August last year.


“It has been almost a year since the tragic incident occurred at my apartment and I don’t think I will ever adjust to the nightmarish reality that I wake up to each day,” Tostee writes.

“The fact that I was charged with murder after someone attacked me in my own home after refusing to leave then caused their own death by climbing off my balcony is sheer lunacy and it boggles my mind that prosecuting authorities are allowed to freely throw unsubstantiated charges at people with absolutely no regard to the damage it does to real peoples’ lives.

“It is disturbing and wrong.”

He goes on to call the murder case against him “weak” and says he is refusing to plead manslaughter, declaring “I will not plead to something I did not do. I never harmed that girl.”

However, he claims to “constantly grieve for (Warriena)” whom he met on dating app Tinder prior to that fateful night.

Tostee admits he is “not a saint” but slams the media for “gross misrepresentation and selective reporting”.

The former party boy is now living with his parents on the Gold Coast after being released from a NSW jail on the weekend following a stint for driving offences.

He is on bail and will face court in relation to the murder charge on September 30.