“I didn’t do anything to her”: Police interview played during GC murder trial

The trial of a Gold Coast businessman accused of murdering his wife is continuing in Brisbane Super Court today.

71-year-old John Chardon pleaded not guilty to murdering Novy Chardon in 2013.

The trial is currently in its second week, and is predicted to be a lengthy process.


Today, the court heard from one of Chardon’s factory workers who said that Chardon told him multiple times that he wished Novy would come home, in the weeks following her February 2013 disappearance.

It’s understood the man also testified that he’d found a box at the Loganholme premises that belonged to Chardon in the months leading up to the event.

He said he came across it while cleaning, and that it was loosely wrapped in tape, which came undone and revealed a weapon inside.

He said it had John’s name on the front of the box, and he passed it on to Chardon’s daughter Angela who was in the office at the time.

This afternoon, the court heard a recording of a police interview with Chardon, around two and a half weeks after Novy had disappeared.

“I don’t know a bloody thing… All I know is I didn’t do anything to her,” the court heard Chardon say in the interview.

The trial continues.

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