“I had bruises all over me”: Jason Day opens up about his ‘violent’ father

AS THE best year of his professional golfing career draws to a close, Jason Day has opened up about the man who gave him his first golf club.

“My dad was a violent alcoholic,” Day has told GOLF magazine.

“Really aggressive. If (my sisters or I) cussed or even said “shut up” we would get the belt,” he reveals.


The 27-year-old father opened up to the publication, which has dedicated its November issue to the Beaudesert boy, who shot to World No.1 last month after winning his first PGA Championship.

Day has credited his mother and sister for making sacrifices following his father, Alvin’s death when his was just 12 years old.

But it was Alvin who brought a golf club home for his three-year-old son and believed he could become a champion. It’s only now been revealed just how he pushed his son.

“I remember once shooting a [poor] score, and he goes, “You’re going to get it in the parking lot”,” Day recalls. “So I get in the car. I’m scared. We drive out of the club, he stops on the side of the road. He just starts whaling on me with both hands, closed-fist punching. I was 11. I had bruises all over me. But I mean, it is what it is.”

Day also recounts other punishments dished out by his father.

“I remember I swore at my sister one time, and she ended up telling on me to my dad. I think I was 9 years old. And he made me sit in the mud under a mango tree while it was storming for three hours. It was dark. There were so many mosquitoes out there, so when I came in I had bites everywhere. My mom tried to get me in, but my dad wouldn’t allow it.”

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