I know you’re already hurting Titans fans, but…

When news broke last week that boom young Titans halfback Kane Elgey was out for the entire 2016 season, heads that had risen on the back of an offseason of hope dropped instantly.

He is only 21 years of age but he was the great bright hope fans had of their beleaguered side climbing up several rungs of the NRL ladder.

Sadly for Titans fans the hits just keep on coming.


Amazing, astoundingly, absurdly, the team and several high-ranking Titans officials are well and truly behind Greg Bird reclaiming the captaincy for 2016.

That would be the captaincy he lost urinating on a police car.

Sadly this club we all love just never learns.

It was not enough that he was unceremoniously stripped on the captaincy last year oh no, he then thought it would be an awesome idea to bring the club to its knees embroiling the Titans in a dugs scandal.

But don’t worry, when he was finally allowed back to play with the team mates that love him so much, he repaid the club by being charged with a massive 8-game suspension in a Test match.

But I digress, we all know what happened last season.

Because we remember.

Because it was LAST YEAR.

What fans, sponsors and the entire Gold Coast community want to know is why, in the name of the Wally and the Joey, any of the Titans playing group or board don’t remember.

It is not a long bow to draw to say that if G Bird was not a Titan in 2015, the NRL would not be running them in 2016.

Yet merely months later the club is seriously considering accepting what seems to be a player-consensus to reinstate his captaincy.

It just beggars belief.

Even more so when the club has Luke Douglas who is not only the 2015 Titans Player of the Year but he also received the 2015 Ken Stephen Medal as the game’s BEST off-field ambassador.

He also holds the NRL record for consecutive games played so you can fairly assume he won’t miss games through injury, suspension and sporadic drunken urination/court appearances.

The fact the Titans are even considering entertaining the thought about pondering the notion that Bird should be captain highlights nothing has changed there on and off the field.

If Bird had any footballing integrity he would scoff at suggestions of captaincy, reject it if offered and earn the respect of his club, team and fans by playing his guts out this season as a regular player happy (and lucky) to be playing.

Instead he has put his hand up for it.

The sad truth for the Titans is that Elgey is not the worst thing that will happen to them this year.

In fact, it may not be the worst thing that happens to them this week!

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