“I need to pinch myself”: Young Bris woman wins $30 million lotto

Tuesday’s massive $30-million Oz Lotto winner has been found, changing the lives of a young Brisbane couple.

The winning ticket belongs to a Forest Lake woman who says she and her husband plan to buy their first home and start a family, after winning the only division one winning entry.

She says she felt like she was living in a dream when she realised what they’d won, admitting she assumed it was much less initially.


“My husband came home and after hearing there’d been a winner in Brisbane and said, ‘maybe we should check that Oz Lotto entry’,” she says.

“At first, we thought I’d won $30,000. Then we double-checked the ticket and I remember thinking, ‘oh my goodness, we’ve won $30 million!’.

The winning ticket was purchased at Metro News on 1st at the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

The lucky woman is adamant they “won’t let it change us as people” while admitting their lives will never be the same.

“First thing on our list is buying our first home, then we want to ensure we set ourselves and our families up for the future,”

“We can’t even imagine what $30 million will look like! The rest of our lives are going to be very different to what we had envisioned but we can’t wait to start this new journey.”