“I take responsibility for the problems we have had”; PM on Australia’s vaccine rollout

The Prime Minister has for the first time declared that he “takes responsibility” for the problems with Australia’s slow vaccine rollout.

Addressing the country from Canberra a short time ago, Scott Morrison admitted that our vaccine rollout is about two months behind schedule at the moment.

However, he said the country is quickly catching up, with a record one-million COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in the last week.


When asked why anyone from the Federal Government has so far neglected to apologise for the issues with the country’s vaccine rollout, Mr Morrison said he believes Australians “just want us to get it right”.

“No country has got their pandemic response 100%… I think Australians understand that,” the Prime Minister said.

“I know Australians would like the vaccination program to be further advanced than it is now, but I can tell you based on the plan that was agreed and adopted by both my Cabinet and endorsed by the National Cabinet last year, we are about two months behind where we otherwise would have been,” Mr Morrison added.

“It may be less than that by the time we get to the end of this year. Those delays are regrettable. We all know they are the result of many factors.”

The Prime Minister said that “people have perfect hindsight after these events” and “various motivations for doing so”.

“But let’s remember we were focusing on vaccines that we knew could be manufactured in Australia. This was very important,” he said.

“We are a big country. Our most vulnerable populations were in remote and regional areas and Indigenous communities…. We needed vaccines that we would be able to transport and move around the country far and wide.

“Sure, there is going to be plenty of critics and hindsight. They will have various motivations for doing it, but what Australians I think want from me is to make sure we make up that ground, and that we are hitting these marks.”

“I take responsibility for the problems that we have had but I am also taking responsibility for the solutions we’re putting in place and the vaccination rates that we are now achieving.”

So far, more than 10,470,033 COVID-19 vaccine doses have been given to Australians, with around 11.2% (2.83M) of the population fully vaccinated.