‘I want it on the ankle’: GC Mayor demands action on youth crime

The Gold Coast Mayor is fed up with youth crime in the city, after yet another incident yesterday.

A group of teens were taken into custody yesterday afternoon, following a two hour chase in a suspected stolen car.

It’s understood police are also looking into whether they may have been connected to other local break-ins over the past week.


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Earlier in the week, Mayor Tom Tate backed calls from the Queensland Police Union for GPS monitors to be trialled on youth offenders on bail.

The Deputy Premier had said that all suggestions will be considered.

But after multiple incidents on the coast since then, the Mayor is demanding the state government take action now.

“The comment by the deputy Premier that everything is on the table, but from my point of view I don’t want it on the table, I want it on the ankle.

“So that we can start working for it and support the police,” Mayor Tate said.

The debate over the Youth Justice Act was reignited two weeks ago, when a pregnant couple were killed by a out-of-control car in Brisbane.

The alleged driver – a 17-year-old man – was understood to have been under some sort of bail condition at the time, and had a history of driving offences.

It’s prompted wide-spread calls for reform to the Act, particularly around the matter of bail.

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That’s not enough… share their image to public. And 15 year jail terms

And their parents!!

Agree Tom.
This government will keep procrastinating about this issue and drag it out until the next election!
Then will come out with all guns blazing to win votes.
Nothing in it for them at the moment!

No, boot camps as Campbell Newman suggested couple of years ago is the answer – c’mon Tom wake up – ankle monitors do nothing to shut this down – I live in a nice Broadbeach Waters suburb and next to me is a 2 million house that was rented by drug dealers with ankle monitors on – talk about laughable – still drove around in their BMW cars – put these kids in Boot Camp – teach them respect of others property – something their parents don’t seem to want to teach them – give them some discipline as that is what is needed. Ankle monitors can still be worn with a nice expensive stolen pair of Nike Shoes – work it out.

Well who voted them back in not me that’s for sure they have wrecked Qld financially and socially forget the 4 year can’t kick us out term let’s remove them now

Its to expensive to lock them up that’s why they are letting them walk the streets.
How about locking them up and having them pay for their crimes and cost associated by way of a HEC’s type debt scheme that they will have to pay back over the next 20years.
That might be deterrent enough for some of them.

only problem here is they would all be on the dole, so therefore it is the good citizen once again still paying for their crimes

As I said yesterday boot camp.Please stop showing them on T V they are seeking attention Tv channels are giving them what they want.

yes Tom they can put it on your ankle – not going to tell us anything we don’t already know.