“I was copping it nearly every day”: The Qld Premier on border bullying

The Queensland Premier has broken her silence on her battle with the borders, after claiming the Prime Minister singled her out.

After months of uncertainty around when the Sunshine State would open it’s borders, the Premier and health officials confirmed yesterday that a July 10 date would still be going ahead.

All interstate visitors will be welcomed back, except for Victorians unless they fork out for their own two-week hotel quarantine.


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But that wasn’t the only new information to come out of yesterday’s monumental press conference, with the Premier also calling out the Prime Minister for the way he treated her over the past few months.

Annastacia Palaszczuk said she was sick of Queensland being ‘singled out’ by Scott Morrison, also accusing him of allowing border wars to break out between states and territories.

The issue has come up again this morning, with the Premier telling Sunrise she was silent on the matter for far too long.

I said my piece yesterday, but I was silent for a long time.

“I was copping it nearly every day, Queensland was singled out, not South Australia, not Tasmania.

“It was coming thick and fast from a lot of senior federal cabinet ministers.

“I stayed silent, and yesterday I said my piece. That’s all I’ll say on the matter for now,” the Premier said this morning.

The Prime Minister was also questioned on the matter this morning, quick to dismiss the comments as political.

There is an election in Queensland. I’m not surprised the rhetoric is ramping up.

“We are keeping the country together. I made similar comments on changes in borders in South Australia. You can file that under a Queensland election,” the Prime Minister told The Today Show.

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Keep up the good work Annastacia..
About time politicians stood their ground.

According to ScoMo and the national COVID plan, borders should never have been closed as people should not have been travelling anyway, so border closures were pointless.
Also it just so happens that the most hurt areas by the border closure were LNP, so Patmysak was just playing political games anyway. The border was left closed a lot longer than it should have been, good on ScoMo for putting the pressure on to try and get the assistance to LNP electorates.

She was copping it every day because people were seeing their livelihoods flushed down the toilet unnecessarily whilst she and all her cronies sat their comfortably on their large, secure wages.

A prominent business person in tourism who was losing thousands every day on the Gold Coast said to me “I want the borders to stay shut, otherwise we will have no Christmas.”
From what I saw in the media, it did look like Annastacia Palaszczuk was being bullied about the border opening by the Prime Minister and others. I did not hear Mr Morrison say anything about other states.
I liked Scott Morrison during the height of the CoVid crisis for his apparent empathy and willingness to speak in details about the recovery measures, however, most recently it appears he is not being so honest. He said the ABC have not had any funding cuts and that they are always getting more funding – Is this true? It seems at odd with other press articles.
I do not follow any particular political party. Our Premier has always come across as sincere and firm while considering the needs of all Queenslanders.

Wrong ‘its’ in this story. It’s a simple matter of proofreading. Quote: ‘uncertainty around when the Sunshine State would open it’s borders’, unquote.

The only reason Queensland was singled out is the State election coming up in October. The local LNP doesn’t warm many hearts, so Scomo thought he would give it a bit of help. South Australia and Tasmania have Liberal governments already, and have no elections due, so there was no need to criticise their border closures. The same applies to NSW now that Victoria has become a problem — Morrison has nothing to say about Liberal Berejiklian and her equally-Liberal Health Minister telling Victorians to stay home (because that’s not a border closure, is it?). Good on Annastacia for resisting the pressure and for not losing her temper. Morrison can go to hell with his hypocrisy.