“I was running from my life”: Nicole Kidman opens up about split from Tom Cruise

IN THE almost 15 years since her split from Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman has won an Oscar, remarried and become a mother to two gorgeous children. 

It’s no wonder she attributes the 2001 break-up to a positive change in her life.

Speaking at the Women In the World conference in London, the Australian actress confessed stepping away from Cruise, with whom she has two adopted children, allowed her to focus her attention on her work.


“I was running from my life at that time,” Kidman, 48, said.

“I wasn’t able to handle the reality of it and as an actor you have this wonderful thing where you can go and get lost in somebody else’s life.”

She also admitted, it was one of the loneliest times of her life.

“Out of my divorce came work that was applauded so that was an interesting thing for me. That culminated in winning an Oscar and that caused an epiphany which was, ‘This isn’t the answer’.

“I was holding a gold statue and I was the loneliest I had ever been.”

Kidman married fellow Aussie and award-winning country singer Keith Urban in 2006 and the couple now have two little girls, Sunday and Faith.