Ian Thorpe in rehab for depression and alcohol abuse

MESSAGES of support are flooding in from across the country for swimming legend Ian Thorpe.

The Olympic great has checked himself into rehab in Sydney for depression and alcohol abuse.

News Corp Australia reported, the 31-year-old was injured in a fall earlier in the week and was admitted to hospital on Wednesday night.


The five-time gold medallist has reportedly been struggling to find his feet, after a failed comeback bid at the London Olympics in 2012.

The ABC reports, Thorpe has spoken of constant pain from an old back injury.

Thorpe revealed the depths of his depression and mental struggles in his autobiography which was released last year.

“Not even my family is aware that I’ve spent a lot of my life battling what I can only describe as crippling depression,” he wrote.

“I used alcohol as a means to rid my head of terrible thoughts, as a way of managing my moods.

“I did it behind closed doors, where many depressed people choose to fight their demons before they realise they can’t do it without help.”

Beyond Blue CEO Kate Carnell said Thorpe has been incredibly courageous in talking about his struggles.

“It makes us all understand that depression and anxiety can happen to anybody at any level in society,” she said.

“The important thing is to get treatment early, so it’s great to see Ian is now getting the treatment he needs.”

Thope was living in Switzerland before returning to Sydney to spend the Christmas period with his family.