Ibis suffers ‘tremendous pain’ after being shot with arrow


The RSPCA Queensland is desperately tracking down a bow and arrow wielding attacker, after a shocking case of animal cruelty in Caboolture.

An ibis was shot with an arrow through one of its legs sometime over the past two weeks, and left to die.


RSPCA says a number of calls were received over that time, before the Ibis was finally found tangled in two hockey nets at a school.

PHOTO | Supplied

Sadly, the arrow had caused irreparable damage to the abdomen and the bird had to be euthanized.

PHOTO | Supplied

RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty says the bird would have been in ‘tremendous pain’.

“The area was severely infected and the bird would have living with this injury for up to two weeks.

“We’d urge anyone who may have information to come forward,” Mr Beatty said.

Meantime, a number of arrows have been recovered in the great area, with crews now concerned that more Ibis and possible other species may have been targeted.

Anyone with information is being urged to get in contact immediately, by calling 1300 ANIMAL.

PHOTO | Supplied

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