Ice-cream lovers rejoice – The ‘Golden Gaynetto’ has hit Aussie shelves

A wonderful thing has happened in the world of ice-cream.

Streets have this week unveiled the ‘Golden Gaynetto’ a heavenly mixture between a Gaytime and a Cornetto.

The mouth-watering concoction which includes toffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream in a wafer cone topped with chocolate sauce and Gaytime biscuit crumbs, was first thought of by Sydney man Jesse James McElroy.


Dubbed ‘The Golden Chief’, Mr McElroy heavily campaigned on Facebook for the Gaynetto to come to life and it appears his gooey, biscuity ice-cream dreams have finally come true.

The Golden Gaynettos are on sale now. They’re available for purchase from Woolworths, petrol stations and convenience stores nationwide.

“Gaynetto, the culmination of joy and happiness, like if a unicorn had a baby with a dragon…. A Uni-gon!! At Woolworths or a corner store near you. You’ll never regretto going Gaynetto!!” Golden Gaynetto said on their official Facebook page.