Ice and domestic violence drive up Qld’s crime rate

Queensland’s crime rate has increased, with the ice epidemic and domestic violence major driving factors.

The latest statistics shows the state’s overall crime rate has risen by 6 per cent.

Police say the figures have been driven by the rising addiction to ice, and increases in domestic and family violence.


The number of domestic violence breaches have increased by 38 per cent, while police-initiated applications are up by 28 per cent.

Police Minister Bill Byrne and Commissioner Ian Stuart agreed ice was a major contributing factor to the higher crime numbers.

“Ice has an insidious effect across the entire spectrum of society,” the Commissioner said.

Mr Stuart noted more domestic violence offences are being reported to police now.

“I think that we have finally seen a turning point in individuals who have confidence in their police departments, and the government services that now exist to help people who are the victims of domestic violence in particular.

“I think they’re prepared to report more.”

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