Iconic Aussie brands are dropping letters from their logo for good reason

Can you figure out the riddle?

“On the weekend I withdrew money from N, took 13 Cs to the Sydney per Huse, before eating Nnds”.

Let me fill in the blanks: “On the weekend I withdrew money from NAB, took 13 Cabs to the Sydney Opera House, before eating Nandos”.


You better get used to ‘filling in the blanks’, with more than 70 iconic brands dropping the blood type letters O, A and B from their logos to help raise awareness of the current need for more blood donors.

The Blood Service’s Missing Type campaign aims to recruit 100,000 new donors over the next 12 months.

Incredibly, 4,000 of those donors will be needed over the coming fortnight, to help address a winter slump in donor numbers.

Blood Service Chief Executive Shelly Park said demand for donated blood was ongoing – and therefore the need for new donors, too.

“We simply couldn’t supply the life-giving blood that we do if it wasn’t for the efforts of our amazing donors,” Ms Park said.

“Through this campaign, it would be wonderful to see more Australians become blood donors, particularly throughout this challenging winter season,” she added.

“At some stage, nearly every Australian will be touched by their, or a family’s member’s, need for donated blood. So please, don’t wait: become a donor today.”

To become a donor, head ONLINE or phone 13 14 95.