“I’d give it a ‘B'” – Gold Coast Mayor weighs in on Federal budget

The Federal budget certainly had a bit of good news for the Gold Coast, earning a ‘B’ grade from Mayor Tom Tate.

The Gold Coast is set to benefit from a $112 million commitment towards the Light Rail 3A, though the Mayor says they should have matched the funding given to the second stage.

“If they would increase the funding more to light rail 3A, to similar percentage to stage 2, they’d get more love from the Gold Coast.


“I’d like to see another $40 million, added to the 112.

“The state minister would probably want a bit more than that.

“I’m just trying to go ‘what’s fair?’ – what you did for stage two,” Mayor Tate said.

Another boost for the Gold Coast is an increase (to $30,000) to instant asset write-offs for small businesses to purchase equipment.

“We have 65,000 small businesses on the Gold Coast, and I think that will aid the replenishment of capital outlay.

“It’s attractive for businesses to spend the money there, and increase their productivity and get the tax right off,” Mayor Tate said.

The Gold Coast will also benefit from the $30 million allocated for Roads to Recovery Black Spot funding, and an $8 million fast train study along the eastern seaboard.

When it comes to M1 funding though, Mayor Tate says we should have received better and we need solutions now.

“I remember the days when they said we need $22 million to do a business plan.

“I said to them, get off your desk from Canberra, jump in your car, and drive from here, past Logan to Brisbane.

“That’s your business plan – you don’t have to do a business plan.

“Get on with the job and start engineering solutions.

“Basically, the M1, everyone’s saying its a too hard basket,” Mayor Tate said.