If you got bad news, you want to kick them blues

Whatever industry you work in, from agriculture to advertising, taking illegal drugs is pretty dumb.

If you are a sporting superstar then taking illegal drugs is on the very high end of the stupid scale.

But ‘the darkest day in rugby league’ or ‘Club on brink of collapse’??


Really news media?


Take ten minutes to peruse the Titans 4 Tomorrow website and then see if you so readily take up torch and pitchfork.

ANY story on that website could easily be a refreshingly altruistic back page story in newspapers across the country about the amazing positives that can come out of high performance sporting clubs like the Titans.

Instead, the flames of negativity are fanned, most recently via a few (colossal) fools who have selfishly let their club, their mates and themselves down.

Were I the Titans CEO, last week’s press conference would have gone much differently…

“It pains me to announce that several of our playing roster have been charged with possession and personal supply of illegal drugs.

These players will not be playing for the Titans until the QCCC case is resolved, nor will I be fielding questions about this issue until the players’ guilt or innocence is ascertained.

Back to the footy and while our depth will be tested no doubt, our resolve has only been strengthened by these events and we look forward to starting the season at home against the Tigers next Saturday.

I will now field any questions about the young kids who have got a great opportunity to play first grade rugby league next week.”

Focusing on the illegal idiocy glorifies it far more than it condemns it. Move on to the positives in the game.

Why isn’t an announcement like last month’s inclusion for Maori and Pacific Islander’s in the T4T’s youth programs a perfectly good story to be focusing on?

Think of all the Gold Coast kids it will help.

The Gold Coast and more specifically Gold Coast Rugby League is not, despite what mainstream or social media may suggest, such an orgy of nefarious activity that everybody from Wally Lewis to Captain Charger should be frog-marched to the nearest police station on drugs charges.

Yes there are negative, stupid or even blatantly awful stories to report on – but there are also a plethora of bright, positive stories about a sporting organisation giving back to the community that supports it.

The real crisis is the fact that these good stories struggle to make the free community papers but the bad or stupid stories walk straight up to the front page.

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