‘If you’re unwell, don’t attend’: CHO’s Christmas warning to Qld

Health officials are urging Queenslanders not to attend Christmas Day gatherings if they have any symptoms of COVID.

There are concerns Christmas celebrations could turn into spreader events as case numbers continue to climb across the state.

Queensland recorded 589 cases on Friday including 85 on the Gold Coast.


Chief Health Officer Dr John Gerrard is urging people to use commonsense today.

“Obviously, if you have any symptoms, if you are unwell, please, please don’t attend Christmas events,” Dr Gerrard warned.

“If you’re not vaccinated stay away from everybody. Don’t go to any Christmas event if you’re not vaccinated.”

Dr Gerrard is also cautioning people to reduce personal contact today as much as possible.

But he stopped short of discouraging hugs.

“I would probably limit contact with individuals over the Christmas break.

“Hugging grandma…well I’m going to hug my mother. I’m not going to say to stop that for Christmas Day, I think that would be going a little bit too far.”

We’re also being urged not to use Christmas Day as an excuse to delay getting tested if we have any symptoms.

Public testing clinics at the Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Health Precinct will be open on Christmas Day until 4.30pm.

A number of private centres will also be open but on reduced hours.

“There will be some private pathologists that will not be operating, for example, Christmas Day and Boxing day so please check the update on the website,” Health Minister Yvette D’ath said.

“But, there will still be many many places you can go get tested and we ask people to do that.”

For a list of testing centre opening hours check the Queensland Health website here