If you’ve cheated Centrelink, watch out!

Don’t you love it when cheaters get their just deserts?

Whether they’re cheating romantically, emotionally, financially, whatever – cheating is cheating and when someone doing the dodgy gets caught out, it’s worth celebrating.

In this instance, it’s welfare cheats who are starting to reap the consequences of their creative bookkeeping.


And it’s all because the government is getting hip to social media, which is allowing them to catch people out who are bragging about their life while ripping off the public purse.

Now this may be showing my age, but back when I was studying at Griffith Uni a million years ago, a girl in my class bragged that she was claiming Austudy payments and ‘living away from home’ rent assistance. This was despite the fact that she was also working 30 hours a week as a waitress and living at home with her parents.

None of us were vindictive enough to report her for her misleading ways, partly because we didn’t really care, and partly because it required too much effort. Calling Centrelink for any reason, even to report someone’s mis-deeds, is a minimum two-hour wait; ain’t nobody got time for that.

But today, you don’t need to report anyone for doing the wrong thing. They’ll generally drop themselves into their own hot water via Facebook as it’s just too damn tempting to keep good news to yourself these days.

This is what the government’s ‘Taskforce Integrity’ has discovered, at least.

Success stories include many discoveries of couples, including one pair who were engaged and expecting a baby, who claimed to be single to receive higher fortnightly allowances.

There are also those who post comments and complaints about their jobs when they’re receiving an unemployment cheque, and people who claim disability pensions, then share stories about their physically demanding hobbies and careers.

Taskforce Integrity is even clawing back money from welfare recipients who sell goods on eBay, without declaring the sale price as income!

It seems to be working for the government’s bottom line, as last year they announced they’ve almost halved the amount they spend on surveillance to catch welfare cheats.

And the message to the rest of us is clear: declare that second fridge you sold on eBay for $50. Or you may end up on the gov’s hit list!

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Well this is just stupid! Centrelink won’t be busting anyone now you’ve told everyone. Idiots everywhere!!!!

Yes they will continue to get caught every day! They’ve believed up till now they won’t get caught. For most of them, that arrogant attitude won’t change.

What about those memories for fb that come up everyday? People can just hit delete now! So its not going to help catch out the cheats.. :/ and what happens to those who do fake fb relationships? Its not a reliable source really.. Seems more like a scare tactic to me

Not necessarily, im not sure how exactly they’re busting them but they could edit their privacy settings? Stop writing about them as much etc.

I work in real estate and process applications for rent and I see at least half my applicants that are on benifit payments are ripping off Centrelink. Claiming single parent payments while living with partners, often married with kids, DSP pension recipients working or even those who keep claiming New Start after they start work. It is so extremely frustrating, It would be great if Centrelink worked with real estates to catch them. You would eradicate the problem pretty quick when you cant get a rental doing the dodgy.

How the hell is selling a second hand electrical appliance a form of income? God forbid the Government bring back apprenticeships or keep the cost of TAFE to a minimum. No wonder many of todays youth look at drug dealing or motherhood as a legitimate option.

I have a sister in law that’s been rorting the ststem since her first child. Claiming single parent payment when she’s been living with the father, had 4 kids to him and changed her surname to his via deed poll to avoid getting married. 10 years on, she moved out and got immediately engaged to another guy, which is all over Facebook. Despite being reported a number of times she still hasn’t been pulled up on it.

You get around $900 (450 each) a fortnight to live on as a couple. Around $500 a fortnight if you’re single. These people that are lying are doing it to get an extra $25 each per week. The private investigators would cost more than that per hour. Why don’t we invest in getting people out of these situations instead?
Also people on DSP under 35 are now required to look for and hold work. Working on DSP is not rorting the system unless you are working over 30 hours.

Well I say its a load of crap my x been living with a woman with 6 kids for last 3 yrs worked cash in hand jobs even admitted to cash in hand jobs to children’s court written in a statement every time questioned his mother tells them he still living with her hides car in her back yard working 4 days a week now still cash in hand he refuses to divorce me so they CNT get engaged to continue to rip off system good luck in catching ppl out wen no matter how many times reported they still find away to keep ripping off the system making up lies n having family members lie for them just so they can continue to rip off system if they asked my kids who visited them they would be able to tell them there living together as over a week period in holidays there dad works only sees them 2/3 days out of the week as he stays with his gf while there at there Nan’s good luck to the system is what I say

Waitressing part time and living at home, that’s the high life. I mean she should still have declared it, but we’re talking about people leaving near, or below the poverty line, you have to take that into consideration. Having a garage sale and not declaring it to Centrelink is the modern-day equivalent of stealing a mouthful of bread.