Illegal workers detained at Gold Coast Airport

ELEVEN Malaysian citizens who allegedly flew to Australia to work illegally have been detained by the Australian Border Force at Gold Coast Airport.

The group were detained and interviewed by Border Force officers after arriving on the Gold Coast on a flight from Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

All 11 individuals were deported back to Kuala Lumpur that night after investigators found the group had travelled to Australia to work illegally.


The news comes after 34 Malaysian citizens were detained at Woolgoolga, north of Coffs Harbour, yesterday. They had allegedly been working illegally on a blueberry farm.

A further 44 illegal workers were detained by Border Force officers at Gold Coast and Perth Airports back on 30 July.

The maximum penalty for people found to be facilitating the illegal movement of people into Australia is up to ten years jail.

Assistant Commissioner Strategic Border Command, Clive Murray, said these successful removals further demonstrate that the ABF is alert to those who try to enter Australia to work illegally.

“This is a significant issue and ABF officers have the expertise and access to intelligence to ensure that illegal workers are stopped before they enter the country,” Assistant Commissioner Murray said.

“There are avenues for people who wish to come to our country to work legally, however, if you are caught trying to do so illegally you will be returned to your country of origin.

“The Australian Border Force remains committed to uncovering and returning those people who seek to blatantly flout our visa laws.

“This extends to those organisations or individuals who might look to facilitate the entry of illegal workers to Australia and we dedicate significant resources to investigating these incidents and ensuring those responsible are prosecuted.”