I’m barking mad over animal cruelty

People on Twitter and Facebook seem to be obsessed with cats for some reason.

Dogs get a bit of a look in if they fall off a couch or do something equally adorable

But cats are the stars.


My favourite is a YouTube video of Cats Stealing Dogs’ Beds

I grew up with lots of animals.

At any one time in our chaotic home there would be dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a rabbit, pet mice and budgies.

My mother even swapped me for a wombat once – long story.

So I know animals feel pain, think, worry, empathise, reason and are conscious of their surroundings.

This is why the seemingly increasing number of videos being posted online and reports of cruelty to animals enrages me.

The police and RSPCA are quick to investigate these days which is fantastic.

But the vile creatures who hurt animals are still getting off relatively easy.

The Queensland Government this week introduced a wide ranging amendment to its Criminal Law Act which will increase the penalties of various crimes.

This includes the creation of a new offence of serious animal cruelty with a maximum penalty of seven years in jail.

About bloody time.

But I don’t think it has gone far enough because multiple studies over the years have found a strong link between serial killers and a history of cruelty to animals.

Other studies have shown the level of abuse of family pets is an indicator of the level of violence within a family.

So shouldn’t we be doing something about these nut jobs who hurt defenceless animals for the fun of it before they graduate to hurting people?

Yes, put them in jail for a long, long time but also order mandatory psychiatric evaluation and counselling.

We really need to more effectively deal with these dangerous people so their behaviour does not accelerate.

If I had a dog at the moment I would be going to the RSPCA’s Millions Paws Walk on Sunday May 18 at the Broadwater Parklands.

But I am owned by a cockatiel and I don’t think that would end well.

Moyra from Hot Tomato will be the MC and there will be lots of stalls and entertainment.
Million Paws Walk website.



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