“I’m dreadfully sorry”: Former Dreamworld safety boss apologises to victims’ families

The former head of safety at Dreamworld has issued a heartfelt apology to the families of the victims of the theme park tragedy.

Angus Hutchings returned to the stand for his second day of evidence at the inquest into the 2016 tragedy.

Mr Hutchings revealed he was not made aware of an incident in 2001 when a raft on the Thunder River Rapids Ride overturned.


He also said he could find no record of the incident when he began working at the theme park in 2004.

Mr Hutchings also confirmed he was put on notice by the former CEO of Dreamworld to improve safety systems at the theme park.

He was asked to find ways to do things better after an audit in 2014 found a number of deficiencies.

But he insisted the ride was safe and would not have let his seven-year-old son on the ride if he thought otherwise.

As he wrapped up his evidence Mr Hutchings expressed to the victims’ families that he was “dreadfully sorry” for their “indescribable loss”.

The Head of Engineering at the theme park has also given evidence at the inquest.

Chris Deaves says he was not made aware of two pump failures on the ride on the day of the tragedy.

Mr Deaves said it should have been identified as a critical fault and escalated to him but it wasn’t.

He says if it was the ride would have been shut down immediately.

The inquest continues.