‘I’m f***ing gobsmacked!’ Tradie wins $2.5 million on Keno!

A YOUNG hard-working tradie has won himself more than $2.5 million on Keno at a pub in Brisbane.

The man in his 20s claimed the multi-million-dollar Keno jackpot at Acacia Ridge Hotel Motel on Saturday.

Speaking to a Keno official, the young concreter said he had only just knocked off work after six straight days and had stopped in at the pub for a cold drink when he purchased a Keno 10 Spot winning entry.


“I’m just f***ing gobsmacked!” the elated winner exclaimed.

“I’m just a concreter who works his a*** off from 6am to 6pm who’s just won enough to set himself up for life!”

“I just finished work! Six days of concreting and I said to my boss ‘we’re going for a drink — it’s Saturday night’.

“We’ve been working six days straight and we do that nearly every week. I work hard for the money I earn.”

The man said he was playing a game of pool with mates when he found out he had won.

“I know I’ve had a win, but I’m not going to believe it until I see that money in my bank account.”

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he plans on working less and enjoying life more.