“I’m having another crack”: Mayor Tom Tate confirms he’ll run for third term

Mayor Tom Tate has finally ended speculation about his future, confirming once and for all that he will contest the 2020 Council elections.

And he’s staking his political future on a cruise chip terminal on the Gold Coast.

Mayor Tate had indicated in the past that he wanted to run again.


He labelled this year’s Council budget as a “re-election budget” and claimed at the time he would win in a landslide.

But he had insisted that he needed to have a discussion with wife Ruth first.

Speaking at the Future Gold Coast Forum, the Mayor was asked if he was running for a third term.

“Well I’ve got Ruth’s blessing so I’m having another crack,” he told the audience which then gave him a round of applause.

Mayor Tate is adamant the Gold Coast needs a cruise ship terminal, and wants to make it a key focus of his third term, if he’s re-elected.

“There is tourism infrastructure that we’ve got to put in place and one of the biggest ones I put to you is our cruise ship terminal and I say that not lightly,” Mayor Tate told the forum.

“It’s on the ocean side and we’ve put it on pause while the Spit Master Plan is being completed.

Now that’s done and just about to be gazetted, I’ll resurrect that

“My motto is, if you don’t want a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast, simple – don’t vote for me.”