I’m no cheapskate, but…

HERE’S the thing: I like to keep a close eye on my money.

I keep my notes safely tucked away in my wallet, thank you very much, and while I don’t fuss over coins, I do know how many golds I’ve got in rotation at any given time.

Frivolous spending is just not my thing. I wouldn’t say I’m a cheapskate, but I work to earn my money so I’m going to keep tabs on it.


Case in point: I’ve never been the type to have coins floating around in my car or under the sofa cushions. And I’ve never found $50 in a coat pocket from last winter, because I’d definitely notice if I misplaced a fifty.

That’s why I don’t stash my savings (whatever meagre amount there is) under the mattress, in a shoebox, or in an unused bag at the back of the closet.

It’s just too chaotic, and I don’t like the idea that I could lose my life savings if the house goes up in flames, or a burglar finds it during a break-in, or my grandma accidentally donates it to charity.

Which is precisely what happened in Coolangatta a couple of months ago.

In June, an elderly woman accidentally bequeathed “a significant amount of money” to a local charity shop, when she donated a big bag of clothes that included a burgundy pouch stuffed with cash. Volunteers found the stash and called the police, who are still trying to track down its rightful owners.

I must admit, I’m a bit baffled.

I don’t know if my version of “a significant amount of money” is the same as the Coolangatta Police Station, but I’m thinking I’d notice if I misplaced a large wad of cash.

There’s a chance that old love doesn’t know she’s given away a goldmine. Perhaps she didn’t have a rummage through its contents before sending it off to be rehomed (oh, the curiosity would kill me!).

Or perhaps she did know about the cash, and she simply thinks she’s misplaced it.

There is a third possibility.

Maybe she’s the kindest person on the Gold Coast? Maybe she deliberately handed over the cash as an anonymous donation, wanting nothing more in return than the knowledge that she’s brightened someone’s day?

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

If this fetching green parka looks familiar, you can contact Crimestoppers to reclaim your loot.