I’m selling myself as art, and you pick the price. But what is work, anyway?

Performance art is notoriously, gloriously, uncommodifiable. You can’t hang it on your wall, oftentimes it’s not recorded, it occurs for a moment – and then what? Where does it go? What is it worth? Performance art: what even is it?

Efforts to value it seem to cause anxiety. We all sell portions of our lives and buy those of others though, every single day. In my latest performance art piece, Body of Work, you may buy a portion of mine.

Each day over the course of the three week performance I’ll be offering my untrained services – my life, my time, my body – for hire to the general public. The rates that I’ll be available for hire at will change daily to be commensurate with the pay given to other specific labourers around the world.


I’ll be available for hire at the same hourly rate of pay my mother received for birthing, nursing and caring for me: $0 per hour.

The rate Thuong, a contract textile worker receives: $6.50 per hour.

And the official wage Mark…

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