“I’M SORRY” PM apologises for slow COVID-19 vaccine rollout

The Prime Minister has finally said “sorry” for the country’s troubled COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Speaking from The Lodge on Thursday, Scott Morrison apologised for the vaccine rollout not meeting its targets, again admitting that he takes full responsibility for the failure.

“Now, as I said yesterday, I take responsibility for the vaccination program,” the Prime Minister told reporters in Canberra this afternoon.


“I also take responsibility for the challenges we’ve had.

“Obviously some things within our control, some things that are not.”

Mr Morrison continued by saying he’s “sorry” that we haven’t been able to “achieve the marks we had hoped for at the beginning of this year”.

But he said what’s more important is that “we’re totally focused on ensuring that we’ve been turning this around”.

The Prime Minister has continually come under fire for not taking accountability for the country’s slow vaccine rollout, which has been lagging due to supply issues.

“I think I have been very clear that as Prime Minister I am responsible for the vaccination program and I also have been very clear that that responsibility means fixing and dealing with the problems that we’ve had and that is what we have been doing and the vaccination program has turned the corner,” Mr Morrison said today.

It comes as the country hit another new record, with 184,000 doses of the COVID-19 jab administered in the past 24 hours.

“I take responsibility for the things that haven’t gone as well as we have liked, and I take responsibility for the things that have worked as well too,” the PM said.

“No country gets everything right, no Prime Minister gets everything right as well.

“So, my job is to keep getting on with the job.”