Important: What we’re being urged to do before heading away this Easter

Energex is urging holiday makers to consider their electricity bills and the environment before escaping this Easter.

Energex Executive General Manager for Distribution, Paul Jordon, said preparing your home before locking the door will save on costs, help the environment and reduce risk of damage caused by unforeseen electrical faults.

“In the excitement of heading off on a well-deserved break it can be very easy to neglect the importance of energy efficiency and home safety,” he said.


“Televisions, microwaves, stereos, computers and other items usually have a stand-by mode which is indicated by a small light.

“Appliances can still be using up to 40% of their full running power on stand-by mode, which generates up to 150 kilograms of easily preventable greenhouse gas per year.

“It’s great practice to take a few minutes to go around your home and turn appliances off at the wall as stand-by mode can account for 10% of your electricity bill, plus it reduces the risk of fire.”

Residents extending their Easter holiday are also being urged to consider cleaning out and switching off fridges, and turning hot water systems off at the switchboard.

Mr Jordon said those staying home over the Easter break could also save by making a few simple changes around their home.

“If you are staying at home during the holidays, try to do the usual things to minimise your electricity use,” he said.

“For example you can take the time to enjoy a barbeque outdoors, instead of using energy-hungry kitchen appliances inside the home.

“Turning appliances off at the wall, flicking light switches off as you leave a room, and setting air conditioners to 24 degrees are also simple tasks that can make a big difference.”