In one generation mothers have kicked the door down

Congratulations on your marriage. Now, here’s your notice.

That was the reality for my mother. It was 1974, she was 19, had just married my father and was told by her boss that she could no longer continue working for them.

They didn’t employ married women.


There was an assumption those married women would go off and pro-create and leave the workforce anyway.

My mum didn’t have her first child for another eight years. That’s eight years that company could have had a hard working, intelligent woman on their roster.

Not to mention all the years beyond that where she could have continued to do her job. When we give birth we’re not also subjected to a lobotomy!

Thankfully, our mothers, aunts, grandmothers and those before them saw the injustice and decided to fight back.

Now, fast forward 44 years and we are celebrating the arrival of a gorgeous little girl, born to the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Congratulations Jacinda Ardern!

Congratulations, firstly, on becoming the world’s youngest female head of government – at the age of 37.

Secondly, on being New Zealand’s first prime minister to be pregnant whilst in office.

Thirdly, on giving birth to a healthy baby girl on the birthday of fellow trailblazing female leader, Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto – who incidently was the first female leader in the world to have a child while in office. You couldn’t have scripted it better!

And lastly, for not caring about what ‘society’ thinks and choosing to return to work after six weeks and having your ‘wee one’ be cared for by her dad.

Let’s give him a nod too. Clarke Gayford and Ms Ardern have been dating since 2013.

He is a radio and television broadcaster who is stepping up to the plate to be a stay-at-home dad.

And high five to all the dads who have evolved with our ‘mummy revolution’ to realise that it’s also their responsibility to juggle parenting, running the house and ‘paid work’.