Increased Easter Public Transport Patrols on Coast

THE number of Senior Network Officers on public transport is set to double across the Coast, ahead of the Easter period.

The Queensland Government has boosted the number of officers in a bid to target anti-social behavior.

Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said the increased presence will help to stamp out fare evasion and unacceptable behavior.


“We are committed to creating a safer and better public transport network on the Gold Coast,” Mr Minnikin said.

“As we head into Easter weekend up to 10 officers on average will be patrolling Gold Coast buses on each deployment, keeping our promise to revitalise frontline services.

“Last week 41 infringement notices and warnings were issues for fare evasion and anti-social behavior on the Gold Coast.

“There is no excuse for people behaving badly or dodging the system and not paying the correct fate.

“If you do the wrong this these holidays, there’s a greater chance you will get caught.

“Already we have 44 officers on the force putting us on track to meet our target of 56 officers by July.”

The move comes as the Gold Coast suffers a spate of attacks on Gold Coast bus drivers in recent months.

Gold Coasters travelling by public transport are being reminded to check bus and train timetables for changes, due to holiday arrangements.