Independent, Catholic schools given cash incentive to bring students back

The federal government is ramping up the pressure on state governments to get schools back, with a new funding announcement.

Independent and Catholic schools around the country will be given a cash incentive to restart face to face learning.

It’s understood to be a $13 billion announcement, allowing the schools to access a 25 percent advance on next year’s federal funding.


However, it comes on the condition that the schools have at least half their student body back in the classroom by June 1.

Meantime, state governments continue to consider how they’ll get students back, with some looking at staggered returns.

New South Wales will begin a staggered return from May 11, with students going back just one day a week.

It’s hoped that will increase to two days a week, then three, with the Premier hopeful school will be back to normal by Term three, or the end of July.

Queenslanders are yet to hear the state government’s plan after week five of term two.

Until then, only children of essential workers and vulnerable children are allowed in the classroom, with majority of students learning through virtual methods at home.

Though the federal medical advice has remained consistent that is it safe for schools to be open in this time.

It’s understood today’s announcement is a move to ramp up the pressure on state governments to get students back by June as well.


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QLD holding students learning back while other states are back to normal schooling. This just shows states should not control schools. The federal gov should now take over schools. One education system for all Australians.