Indonesian passenger plane “drops off radar”

AN INDONESIAN domestic passenger plane with 54 people on board has reportedly gone missing in bad weather over the country’s remote and rugged easternmost Papua region.

Trigana Air flight TGN267 was reportedly carrying 49 passengers, including two children and three toddlers, and five crew members, when it lost contact with air traffic control just before 3pm local time (4pm AEST).

According to the Indonesian Search and Rescue Agency, the ATR 42 turboprop aircraft “dropped off radar” roughly 30 minutes into its 50 minute flight to Oksibil from Sentani airport in the Papua capital of Jayapura.


It was scheduled to arrive at Oksibil airport just after 3pm local time.

It’s understood that, although short in time, the flight path is extremely remote and covers dense jungle and rugged terrain.

“The weather is currently very bad there, it’s very dark and cloudy. It’s not conducive for a search,” A transport ministry spokesman told the AFP.

There is no further information available at this time.