Indonesia says no to Corby interview

A REQUEST by Schapelle Corby’s family to allow a TV interview to go ahead has fallen on deaf ears.

Indonesian authorities have confirmed permission is denied.

It comes as Channel Seven admits an offer is on the table in the “ball park” of half a million dollars.


But, the network insists, no deal has been signed. reports, the Corby family is going to extreme lengths to try and get the ex-Gold Coaster’s story told.

Corby, her brother-in-law and parole guarantor Wayan Widyartha, and sister Mercedes signed a letter asking for a permit to conduct the interview.

The letter was given to parole board chief Ketut Artha but Mr Widyartha was unable to meet him on Wednesday as he was in hospital undergoing dialysis.

The chief’s superiors have instructed him to write a letter to the Corby clan telling them there is no permission for any media interviews.

Last week, Indonesia’s Deputy Justice Minister warned that it may risk Corby being sent back to jail for breaching her parole.