Indonesia warns Schapelle Corby against tell-all interview

THE Indonesian Government has advised Schapelle Corby against conducting a tell-all interview, warning her parole would be revoked if she caused ‘unease’ in the community. (PICTURE: reports Indonesia’s Deputy Minister, Denny Indrayana, last night told reporters although Schapelle was free to convey her opinion, she should be very careful if she does or she could be sent back to her Bali jail.

“Because the interview could cause a polemic, and it can cause unease in the community, as stipulate in the parole rule … if she causes unease, the parole must be revoked,” Mr Indrayana said. “So, rather than it cause a problem, we give advice to not do the interview.”


“I am sure there will be a debate. It is part of her freedom to convey her opinion. But, it should be remembered, that she is released with conditions. And one of the condition to revoke parole is if she causes unease in the community,”

Meanwhile in Australia, speculation continues to grow over whether Schapelle has signed a lucrative deal – or not.

Yesterday, Mercedes Corby released a pre-recorded statement denying rumours the family had already secured a multimillion dollar deal with the Seven Network, despite a film crew and journalist from the network’s ‘Sunday Night‘ program staying in the same luxury resort as her.

She also hit back at Premier Campbell Newman’s attempts to block the family from receiving any money made from any paid interview, revealing his government in fact gave $367,000 of taxpayer’s money for the production of Nine’s tele-movie “Schapelle”.