Indoor dancing restrictions to be lifted in ALL Qld venues

Good news Queensland — dancefloors will be back in all venues in time for Christmas and New Years!

The state’s Health Minister and Chief Health Officer have delivered a coronavirus update ahead of estimates this morning, bearing the good news for all us frustrated disco lovers.

“The nut bush is back” declared Health Minister Yvette D’Ath, from midday on Monday and without strict rules to govern who can dance with who and where.


Chief Health Officer Doctor Jeanette Young says we just have to be sensible about it.

“This is about Queenslanders being sensible, and Queenslanders have been really really sensible to date, that’s why we’ve had the fantastic response in Queensland that we’ve had – we’ve not had transmission.

“Same with dancing – so dance with other people as you would normally, but don’t dance in a whole group.

“Not those mosh pits, where you’ve got a hundred people all squashed up together, and you don’t know anyone and you’re not dancing with those 100 people.

“If you’re dancing with someone you’ve met that night, that’s of course fine, just be sensible about it, and stay with that person, with your friendship group, with your family.

“Stay in those groups but be spread out, so you’ve got a couple of people there, a couple of people there, rather than everyone in a tiny little space. So just be sensible,” Doctor Young said.