IndyCars’ Gold Coast return benched for Supercars deal

The Queensland Government looks set to bench the return of IndyCars, after instead announcing a new deal with the V8 Supercars.

The LNP Shadow Minister for Sport John-Paul Langbroek released a statement saying that the Gold Coast has been sold a ‘lemon’ in the promise of IndyCars.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk promised she would deliver IndyCars for March 2020 but has failed to deliver.


“IndyCars are a world-class event that would boost the local economy, create jobs and put Queensland on the global sporting stage.

“The LNP supported a bid for IndyCars, but Labor couldn’t make it happen.

“This is further proof you can’t trust Labor,” Mr Langbroek said.

Speaking at the V8 Supercars announcment today, the Queensland Sport Minister Mick de Brenni says the IndyCars just aren’t as beneficial.

“The Premier asked us to have a look at the possibility of an open wheeler event here on the Gold Coast.

“We had a conversation with motor sport organisations from across the world.

“We looked as basically pretty much every version of motor sport that could come to Queensland, and our findings concluded that the number one proposition for the Gold Coast was the iconic Australian sport of Supercars.

“And so we’re very pleased at the announcement today, it makes the most sense here for the Gold Coast, it makes the most sense for timing, it makes the most sense for Australian motor sport fans,” Minister de Brenni said.

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