Injured Aussie teen scared and in “need of a hug”

THE Australian teenager injured in the Paris terror attacks is “in desperate need of a hug from her mum”, according to her Aunty.

Emma Parkinson, 19, has had surgery overnight, on gunshot wounds to her hip, after being caught up in gunfire outside the Bataclan theatre on Friday night.

“As can be expected, Emma was scared and very overwhelmed and in desperate need of a hug from her mum,” Aunt Sam Gunner has just told the media.


Image: Emma Parkinson/Facebook

Image: Emma Parkinson/Facebook

“Emma underwent surgery overnight and thanks to the Australian Ambassador in France, Stephen Brady, we were able to speak to Emma immediately after that surgery,” she added.

“I can’t thank Stephen enough for being our lifeline on the ground in Paris, for staying by Emma’s side and staying in constant contact with our family. We are eternally grateful for him going above and beyond in this circumstance.

“Our priority is getting Emma’s mum by her side and that will now occur very shortly, thanks to the assistance and support of Qantas.

“Thanks to staff at the hospital who’ve taken such good care of Emma in what must be a very trying times for all of those involved.

“Our thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the victims who were killed in those tragic events.

“I know our healing as a family will start the moment Emma and her mum are united. And I hope the people of France can begin their healing before too long as well.”

Ms Gunner described her niece as an ‘over achiever’ and explained she only recently moved to Paris after accepting a position as a tutor. She previously spent a year in France while completing Year 11 on a scholarship and is fluent in French.

Image: Emma Parkinson/Facebook

Image: Emma Parkinson/Facebook

Emma returned to Europe a year ago and had been living and studying in Germany, before relocating to Paris just ten days ago.

“Emma is a courageous and brave person at heart. She has amazing capacity and resilience and we are confident she will make a great recovery.

“But she has an incredibly long road ahead of her in terms of what she has seen and what she has heard and how she will cope with that.”