Ink After an Event, Not Before!

In the lead up to any major event, it’s important to consider inking after an event and not before.

A tattoo is one of the best ways to commemorate a major life event or milestone, allowing you the freedom to design something that really captures the moment for a lifetime. But just like getting any other tattoo, you need to make sure you have everything squared away before putting ink to skin, and this means considering getting a commemorative tattoo after an event instead of before…just in case something happens.

Things Don’t Always Go to Plan

Now this does not apply to everyone, but for tattoos where the time and date are a huge part of the tattoo, and if there is even a slight chance that these could change (like it did to this lovely couple – Couple devastated after having wedding date tattooed on arms – before big day cancelled due to COVID-19), then it is worth booking in with your favourite tattoo artist a day or two after the event.


But what if you are getting tattooed with a few friends or family who have travelled a long way with everyone hoping to get the same design?

Don’t stress! This is where clear communication and working collaboratively with your tattoo artist really pays off. Make sure you have a good conversation with your artist about all the things that can change so they can give you the best advice. Chances are they have worked with past clients under similar circumstances.

Tattoo artists understand how important it is to get a design absolutely perfect, so every time you look at it, they want to ensure you’re happy with your piece and the meaning or significance behind it.

Times, Dates, Names, Venues

If you’re considering a tattoo where the time or date could change with reasons out of your control, it’s important to consider the below advice:

– When you are speaking with your tattoo artist about the design you want, let them know the importance of any part of the design that could change. It doesn’t hurt to have a list ready to help your artist out.
– If your tattoo is based on an upcoming date, consider making your booking just after the date so you know nothing can go wrong.
– If you want to celebrate a new baby, remember names can change at the last minute – even if you’d have your heart set on a name.
– Never assume! If you’re not 100% certain with the details for a tattoo that has significant meaning is too big a risk – It’s always important to triple check before you get inked.
– Always remember to be open to change and listen to your artist. Sometimes things happen beyond our control which isn’t ideal but work closely with your tattoo artist to find a solution that you’re happy with.

Got something big coming up that you’d want to commemorate or celebrate? Visit Celebrity Ink™ to make a booking and chat with one of our tattoo artists who can help you design the right piece to get at the right time.