Innovation a focus for Kiyomi’s new chef de cuisine

Award-winning restaurant Kiyomi at The Star Gold Coast have announced they have appointed a brand new Chef de Cuisine.

Winson Law has been promoted to the role, after working for more than 8 years alongside Executive Chef Chase Kojima.

“To me, Winson is like a younger brother,” Chase told myGC. “I hired him as a general hand 8 years ago when we opened Sokyo at The Star in Sydney. Since then he has been working hard and climbing his way up to become the head chef.


“Winson helped me open Kiyomi four years ago, and he has always been my guy when we are doing something creative – he is the guy for me always. He is very talented.”

Winson told myGC he was thrilled to take on the responsibility.

“It’s a big job – the Chef de Cuisine looks after the whole restaurant. This is a huge promotion for me and will be my first time being a head chef. There is a lot of responsibility and I am going to work hard to make this restaurant even better,” he said.

“I love the innovation and the culture at Kiyomi. Innovation is really important to me. You have to keep pushing hard to come up with new ideas.

“To come up with a new dish, it probably takes about a month. Our special menu is where we test out our potential new dishes. This is where you will find a lot of our most creative dishes.”

Chase told myGC Winson wants to take Kiyomi to new heights.

“Winson wants to make this a 2 hatted restaurant – I told him he is crazy, it is so much work. But he wants to make it better,” he said.

“I am really excited and I trust him alot.”